Youth & Student Services

When it comes to saving money, it's never too early to start. City & County offers a variety of tools to teach kids and teens the basics of money management.

National Youth Credit Union Member Month

At City & County Credit Union, believe that regardless of age, financial education is a key component to long term success. We want to inspire our youth members to being saving early, to talk with their parents about money and most importantly, learn about the credit union difference. 

Kids Club

Designed for youth aged 14 and under, City & County's Kids Club Accounts educate youth on important money management basics and encourages saving money with a variety of rewards. 

Kids Club Savings Account Reward Certificate of Deposit (CD) Kids Day 

Open a City & County Kids Club Savings account to start saving early. 

Kids are encouraged to keep saving with a birthday gift and $1 deposit coupons. 

Learn the value of saving money and earning interest with a Reward CD. 

Open a Reward CD with as little as $25, earn a competitive interest rate and keep the savings growing. You can deposit money at any time during the one-year term. Find CD rates here.

Each year, City & County Credit Union hosts Kids Day at our Maplewood branch. 

On Kids Day, youth members can play games, get crafty with a project and earn a reward for depositing money into their savings account. Stay tuned for 2017 Kids Day! 

Financial Education Resources Money on the Bookshelf*

Learn about money through interactive games, watch videos on money topics and read entertaining stories on savings. 

  • 5-Spot Clubhouse Play money games and read stories about important money topics such as fun things to do with your friends for free.
  • Pocket Cents Test your financial knowledge by playing interactive online games.
  • Biz Kids Watch interactive videos by kids that focus on important money topics including saving, earning money and giving to others.

Money on the Bookshelf is a free financial literacy program that encourages children to learn about the basics of money. Aimed at children aged 4-14, this program is a simple way to encourage your child to read and learn how money works.

To join the program, visit our Lake Elmo or Maplewood Branch. 

How it Works

  1. Pick a book off our Money on the Bookshelf shelf.
  2. Check your book out at the teller counter. Plus - receive your tracking bookmark! 
  3. Read your book and share what you are learning with your family and friends.
  4. Repeat. Bring your book back and check out another one!
  5. Earn a $5 Coupon. It's that simple. Read 5 books and turn in your tracking bookmark for your $5 coupon.

Student Services

Our student services package will help teens manage money, build a credit history and achieve financial independence.

Reward Certificate of Deposit Checking Mastercard® Credit Card

Learn the value of saving money and earning interest with a Reward CD. Open a Reward CD with as little as $25, earn a competitive interest rate, and keep the savings growing - you can deposit money at any time during the one-year term. Find CD rates here.

An iSelect checking account is a convenient, no minimum balance option for students.

Credit cards can be a useful financial tool; you'll need one to build a credit history, which can help you obtain anything from a cell phone to a new car. Enjoy a no-annual fee, low rate card at your Credit Union. If you are under 21, a qualified co-applicant may be required.

Student Loans Student Prepaid & Reloadable Cards Tips for Teens

City & County offers private student loans and student loan consolidation with low rates and flexible payment options. Find more information here.

A prepaid card gives you a safe and easy way to access the money you need. Unlike a credit or debit card, you can only spend the amount loaded on the card, so there's no risk of overdraft. Cards are reloadable, provide access to cash at any Visa ATM, and offer protection from fraudulent use of a lost or stolen card.

Find helpful money tips and tools to learn more about finances.

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* Special thanks to the Minnesota Credit Union Network Foundation for providing funding for Money on the Bookshelf through their financial literacy grant program. 

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