Overdraft Solutions

At City & County Credit Union, we know life happens. That’s why we provide overdraft options to help you avoid interruptions if you don’t have the necessary funds in your account.

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay allows transactions to process even when funds are not available in your checking account – up to a certain limit. This means if you are trying to make a payment out of your checking account – whether it is with a check or debit card – but do not have enough funds, City & County Credit Union will allow the transaction to go through and your account to go negative.

This keeps you from having declined transactions or bounced checks. For every courtesy transaction that is processed, a $35 standard overdraft fee will be applied to your account.

Overdraft Protection

Instead of going negative in your checking account, Overdraft Protection allows you to cover your transaction if you are overdrawn in your checking account with another City & County account. For example, you can set up Overdraft Protection to your savings account, money market or a checking line of credit. If your checking account doesn’t have enough funds, we will pull funds from your selected account to cover the transaction.

With Overdraft Protection you must have funds available in the account you have set up for Overdraft Protection or your transaction could be declined if you did not opt-in to Courtesy Pay. There is no fee for using Overdraft Protection.

Learn more about City & County’s overdraft solutions.