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Update Your Space with a HELOC

Your home is more than just four walls. It’s your office space, favorite dinner spot and in some cases – classroom. Update your space to fit your needs with a Lockable HELOC.

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Whether you’re ready to build your backyard paradise or your own science classroom, create your home sweet home with a Lockable HELOC. Enjoy the convenience with a Home Equity Line of Credit paired with the flexibility to split into as many as 3 fixed rate loans. 

  • 1.99% intro rate for 6 months, then rate adjusts to HELOC rate (currently as low as 4.00% APR)
  • No annual fees or prepayment penalties
  • Low closing costs

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PLUS - Use your HELOC to get quick access to cash, pay bills or cover college tuition.

APR=Annual Percentage Rate. The Lockable HELOC has both variable and fixed rate advance options. Minimum loan amount to convert HELOC to fixed is $5,000. After introductory period, rate may vary based on Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Prime Rate plus disclosed margin, applicant’s credit qualifications, and collateral. Rate floor is 4% and will not exceed 18%. Payment is the greater of 1% of outstanding balance or $50. No closing costs. Member is responsible for cost of appraisal regardless of completion of loan. Appraisal fees may range from $250-$650 depending upon location. Rates subject to change at any time. Other restrictions may apply. Contact us for additional details.