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Multi-Factor Authentication

At City & County Credit Union, the safety & security of your membership is our utmost priority. We are continually enhancing the security behind the scenes to protect your accounts while you manage your money online.

To provide an additional layer of security to your online banking account, Multi-Factor Authentication will be integrated to your login experience the week of June 13.

How Does it Work?

Instead of verifying your identity by answering your pre-set security questions when logging into online banking on a new computer, you'll use a one-time code that will be sent to you by phone or text.

  1. Select which phone number you would like to receive your code at - all phone numbers listed on your account will be available to select from a drop down menu.
  2. Select if you would like to receive a text message or a phone call with your code
  3. Check your phone for a text or a phone call with your code from the number (651) 369-8167
  4. Enter your unique one-time code within the online banking login screen

MFA Computer


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

MFA enhances login security by adding layers of protection beyond username & password to authenticate your identity. This robust layer of security reduces the likelihood of cyber-attacks to protect your personal information.

Learn more about MFA.

How will this impact my accounts?

Instead of answering the security questions you set when opening your City & County account, you will now authenticate your identity with a one-time code you will receive by SMS text or phone. You will only need to take this extra step when you sign into online banking from a different device. This will not be required when using mobile banking.

How can I be prepared?

Although most changes will happen behind the scenes, be prepared for Multi-Factor Authentication by making sure your phone number is up to date in your account. Here are the easiest ways to verify your phone number.

Online Banking - Log into online banking and select 'Update Address' from the User Options menu. Verify & update the phone numbers you would like to use to receive your one-time code.

Mobile Banking - Go to the menu >Settings (very bottom) >Change Address.

Chat with Us - Connect with a team member by selecting the chat icon in the bottom right corner of our website. Simply type 'human' or 'live agent' to get connected automatically.

What phone number will my code come from?

Your one-time authentication code will come from the phone number - (651) 369-8026.

What if I have an international phone number?

No problem! Multi-Factor Authentication will work with all phone numbers - including international. Just make sure your account is up-to-date with your full international number including country code. 

What if I don't want MFA?

At City & County Credit Union, we are committed to the safety & security of our entire cooperative - including your account. Multi-Factor Authentication is the necessary preventive step to protect online banking from cyber attacks.

Unfortunately, there is no way to opt-out of MFA for online banking. That said - mobile banking will not be affected by MFA. Download City & County's mobile app by searching 'City & County' in your app store.