Business Savings

Our business savings account offers a variety of options to fit your needs. Every member of City & County Credit Union is required to have a Savings Account with a minimum of $5 in the account. This account secures your membership and gives you access to all of our products and services.

Savings (required) Money Market Savings Certificates of Deposit

This account establishes your business membership, gives you your “share” as an owner of the Credit Union, and access to our other products and services. 

  • Minimum Balance: $5 

A money market account is a perfect way to save if you wish to maintain a higher balance and earn interest.

  • Minimum Balance: $2500
  • A fee is charged each month you fall below the minimum balance
  • Interest accrues daily, paid monthly, and is subject to change

A CD is a safe investment that allows you to earn a higher interest rate.

  • Minimum Balance: $1000
  • Various terms and interest repayment options
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